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Taurasi CRU Coste


The Taurasi Coste is produced with selected grapes sourced exclusively from the Costa locality, particularly from vineyards that are between 20 and 30 years old. The location is characterized by clay-limestone soil, with a coarse grain and relatively compact texture. The harvest took place in mid-October 2012. The rows have a distance of about 2.50 meters between them in a moderately ventilated and well-exposed area, subject to morning humidity during certain periods of the year. The grapes form medium-sized clusters with a square shape and intensely colored spherical berries, with flesh rich in minerals and sugars, and thin skins with a high concentration of anthocyanins and tannins.


The grapes, hand-harvested and immediately transported to the cellar in 18 kg crates, are destemmed and crushed, then undergo maceration with increasing temperature from 10 to 28°C for about 12-18 days. The tumultuous fermentation, initiated with indigenous yeasts, lasts an average of 13 days. Following fermentation, there is a skin maceration for about 30 days. After racking and the first transfer, the wine is aged for 18 months in 500-liter oak barrels, and then in stainless steel tanks for 10 months. After approximately 28 months of aging, it is bottled and further aged for 24 months.


The color is quite brilliant and dense. It is intense and complex on the nose, with notes of rhubarb, earthy fervor, hints of ash, and a distinct mineral quality. On the palate, it is quite warm and still presents vibrant tannins due to its youthfulness. It is intense and highly persistent.


Certainly a wine for rich dishes based on red meats, game, and typical winter mountain cuisine. Also suitable for well-aged cheeses. A wine to be enjoyed on its own, away from meals.

It should be served decanted, due to potential light sediments resulting from the lack of filtration and stabilization, at a temperature of 18-20°C.

Technical Sheet


Grape Variety: Aglianico 100%
Production Area:
 Locality Costa, Taurasi (AV)
Soil type: 
Clay-limestone, with a fairly compact coarse texture
 American vines
Vineyard Exposure:
Vineyard Altitude:
320 meters above sea level
Training System: Spur-pruned Cordon approximately 25/30 years old
Planting Density: 3000 vines/ha

Grape Yield: 40 quintals/hectare
Wine Yield: 55-60%
Production: 1300 bottles